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Child modeling and baby modeling

Can your child become a professional model?

Yes, of course your baby or young child can be a professonal model, but don’t expect to get rich out of the deal.  Yes, it’s possible, but not very probable… It’s just like all the football dads that insist that their baby or child is super special and will get a full ride to Penn State and then a multi million dollar contract with the Steelers.  Can it happen?  Yes.  Is it likely to happen?  No.  It reminds me of this gay friend of mine shortly after the birth of my son.  I kept telling him how wonderful my son was and finally he stopped me and said, “Ya, ya…  your kid’s a genius like everybody else’s.”  And he made a good point that I never forgot.  Well, almost, anyway.  My son still is really smart. :+) Your kid might be the cute, but just remember that he’s probably not quite as cute to the rest of the world.  And that’s ok.  He is your kid, after all. 

Why your baby or child should model

Let’s say that you are only half wrong about your kid being the cutest kind in the world.  Can your baby or child model?  Absolutely!  Will he become rich a famous?  Probably not.  Can he make a living from modeling?  Probably not.  Can he make some spare money to set aside for college and give his mom some major bragging material?  Absolutely!

First off, before you even think about this seriously, make sure that your kid has the proper temperament for this kind of thing.  Does he like strangers?  Does she have a relatively long attention span?  If your answer is no to either of these questions, do yourself and the rest of the industry a favor and find some other way of getting bragging material for mommy.  Maybe soccer?

If you want your baby or young child to try his or her hand at modeling, the process is pretty much like it would be for any other model entering the industry.  You’ll still need to get accepted and go through a modeling agency.  You’ll still need to bug the agency from time to time too make sure that your kid is on the front burner.  You’ll still need pictures, but you’ll need to make updates much more often.  If all the pictures in your child’s portfolio are from when they were five-years old, and now they’re seven, you’re going to have some trouble. 

Children are usually hired for a specific age requirement.  Don’t worry about things like missing teeth or new braces keeping you kid from getting work.  Just the opposite is probably true.  It might be a good idea to actually notify the agency when your child looses her front tooth or gets braces.  Things like that actually make your child more marketable.  If nothing else, it’s another excuse to contact the agency to let them know you’re still alive.

Like with any model / agency relationship, it’d probably a good idea to get to know (in person) the person or persons responsible for “pushing” you or your child.  There’s something about a personal relationship, or even friendship, to motivate the representative to push your child as much as possible.  Models are chosen by very subjective criteria, so the chance go way up the more times your child’s headshot is sent along to a prospective client.  Even if your batting average is low, the more you get up to the plate, the better your chances are of hitting a home run.

There is one thing out there that I do not have any experience with that MAY prove to be a scam.

I see ads every once in a while for those model searches.  Like I said, I don’t know anything about them, but I can’t help but think there’s something wrong with them.  There’s an old saying out there.  If it smells like a duck…  Just be careful.  And I wouldn’t be signing any contracts either, even if they just admitted to you that yours is the most beautiful child that they’ve ever seen.

One more word of warning…  Don’t expect miracles or even a few calls.  There are a lot of other parents out there that are thinking the same things you are and going through the same process you are.  In other words, there is a lot of competition for just a few jobs.  Like I said before, you probably won’t get rich from the exercise, but mom just might get some really awesome bragging material.  If you have reasonable expectations, you probably won’t be disappointed, even if your kid is the most beautiful in the world.

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