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Pittsburgh Modeling, Models, and Talent is a web site dedicated to the education of models in mid to small towns like Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Columbus, or Cincinnati.

Be a model in Pittsburgh

To many people interestied in modeling or becoming a model, the industry is a mystery. Pittsburgh Modeling, Models, and Talent will help answer the questions that many potential and novice models may have related to "how become a model", "how to be a model" or various other aspects of a modeling career.


There are many Pittsburghers out there, both young and old, male and female, who wonder if they have what it takes to make it as a model here in Pittsburgh or possibly even a modeling career in the big city. This site should give them a little insight into a possibl modeling career (with or without a Modeling Agency) in a mid sized city.

Some of the questions we will answer here are: Do I have to be good looking to be a model? How much money does the average Pittsburgh model make? How Do I get started in being a Pittsburgh model? Should I join a Pittsburgh Modeling Agency? How does a mdel find work? What kind of modeling portfolio should I have? What is a headshot? What is a comp Card? What should I look out for?

This modeling site is developing over time. If you see a question ralated to modeling that is listed above but not highlighted, that means that the author intends to add that page some time soon.

If you have your own question related to modeling and think that it might be of interest to other potential models, feel free to email your question and the autor he will answer you and possibly post your question and the answer on this site.

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About the author: My name is Michael Ray and I am not a Pittsburgh model, but a Pittsburgh commercial photographer.  So please keep in mind that everything you read here is if from the perspective of a photographer, not a model.  Even though I’m not a model, I’ve been around models for quite a few years (more than I'm going to admit to here).  I’m no expert, but I have a little to teach, if you want to learn. If you wold like to visit author's Pittsburgh Commercial Photography web site, please click here.

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